I created the concept of “entovegan” and consistently lived the dietary framework for 3.5 years. Since the lockdown of the planet in 2020 and the subsequent insanity of the following years, I have gone back to eating a healthy diet which includes meat, dairy, fish, etc.

However, I think I did a lot of good work for the world of entomophagy, through my consumption of edible insects, and the exploration and promotion of insects as a sustainable, healthy, and delicious superfood option.

I do NOT recommend any type of “vegan” diet at this point.

You could do entotarian (vegetarian + insects) and be fairly healthy, thanks to eggs and dairy overcoming any shortcomings of a pure plant-based diet.

There is certainly much to be appreciated though from insect nutrition. Of course, the primary drivers of the sector today are much more palatable to humanity: insects as animal feed and organic fertilizer.

There are uses for human consumption though, that go beyond merely snacking on chapulines in Mexico or fried silkworm pupae in SE Asia.

Those, such as drone bee larvae as a superfood steroid-hormone enhancer, I’m still investigating.

For now though, I’m leaving the site as it was when I stopped in 2020. I believed in Entovegan, I lived it, I studied and researched and tested my theories on my own body, with pretty damn good results (despite the challenges with a purely vegan diet outside of the insect nutrition, which saved me).

But I recommend you eat a diet rich in foods from plants AND animals, of all types, especially meat. Get good fats in your diet as well (from animals). Drink raw milk. Eat honeycomb and bee bread.

Spend time in the sunshine, exercise, and raise your frequency.

And thanks for reading / following / debating over the years. If you’d like to know what I’m up to these days visit my personal website (which isn’t a time capsule, I keep it updated haha) at


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