One of the most interesting sectors for insect byproducts is cosmetics – yes, entomo beauty products! Many edible insects are high in healthy fats along with other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which may be beneficial for cell regeneration and overall skin health.

I had the chance to finally meet up with Chanarong Sangduan today from Oricga™, a Thai company which appears to be the first in the world producing an internationally patented Entomocosmetic line. It’s based on clean agrowaste-fed, high-protein Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

While it’s aimed at women (for now), I find the smell quite pleasant and really appreciate that BSFL phospholipids are the second ingredient after water. This is LEGITIMATELY an entomobeauty product based on insect oil – not just a token ingredient being used for marketing purposes.

They’ve already gotten a handful of distributors and several large conglomerates talking about a JV, but they’re looking to expand.

For anyone interested in private label under your own brand, or importing as a distributor, please contact me or visit

Oricga - Entomocosmetics made with Black Soldier Fly Larvae oils

Oricga – Entomocosmetics made with Black Soldier Fly Larvae oils

Entomocosmetics, or entomo beauty (that’s the correct way to say it, but like everything else it’ll probably get shortened to Entocosmetics or ento beauty) are a high-value use of insect by-products, with a “waste” stream that includes protein for animal feed, chitosan, and fertilizer.

I’ve been saying this for several years now and most people have thought I’m crazy, but insect oil for cosmetics will be a massive market – likely bigger than food and much more quickly.

At least in Asia, most women are open to using skincare products based on unique and exotic ingredients. If the incredible popularity of “snail” whitening products are any indication, the idea of insect oil will be completely acceptable.

The only thing that matters for these consumers is if THE PRODUCT WORKS.

From the evidence I’ve seen, including Mr Chanarong’s hands (he uses it on the back of only one hand and one side of his face, and there’s a drastic visible difference) this has huge potential to firm and restore youthful-looking skin.

And just like insects as food and feed, this is a highly sustainable, eco-friendly all-natural product. Pretty sweet, right?

Expect to see a lot more from me related to entomo beauty in the coming months. Personally I think some spider or scorpion extract would be pretty badass for the men’s line, but BSFL works too! 😛

Insect oils in cosmetics will be a big thing, and here’s the first of many more to come. I think I might push this harder than food, there’s a much more willing market (right now)! I could use some added motivation to improve my own skincare regimen, too…

Oricga entomocosmetics CEO Chanarong Sangduan and Josh Galt

Mr Chanarong Sangduan, founder of Oricga™ entomocosmetics, with Josh Galt in Thailand

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