Well, actually it’s been a few years in the making. Let me explain (or just watch the video at the bottom of the post!).

See, in my past life I had several large clients in the health and beauty industry. So I know a little bit about pulchritude.

Basically, my life was class V whitewater part of the time, and creating captivating, sensuously compelling advertising the rest of the time.

It wasn’t a bad life at all – adrenaline sports, photoshoots in exotic locations, controversial newsmaking billboards of scantily clad gorgeous human beings…

But – but I’ve matured now, and my goal is to have a much more positive impact, on people AND planet.

I’m still ok with generating some controversy – just, in a more productive way, like telling people, if they wanna save the planet, to eat bugs!

wholesale entomocosmetics entovegan certified

Wholesale and private label entomocosmetics are available now at entomobelle.com. Entovegan Certified entomo beauty products on the way in 2020.

But ever since I got into edible insects and started reading the research about potential uses for insect oil, I’ve been talking to various people I know in the cosmetic industry about doing something with insects. Creating an entomo beauty line of products.

This isn’t a new thing with me – I just hadn’t had a reason to be blathering on about it publicly…until now, because there’s bug beauty products to sell.

In the same way I believe that insects are the perfect sustainable and healthy compliment to a plant-based diet – also known as ENTOVEGAN, the world’s ultimate sustainable superfood diet! – I believe the story of eco-friendly clean beauty skincare made from insect oils, has the potential to revolutionize the cosmetics industry.

Are entomocosmetics on your radar? Then let’s talk.

Because I want to use my 2 decades of experience and obsession with beauty, to build the ento-beauty segment of the insect industry.

If you saw any of my my Love #EatBugs imagery the past year – and I only posted a handful of the hundreds of stunning images we took – you know it’s gonna be good. 🙂

Oh – by the way. entomobelle.com. Check it out.

(Also, aside from the graphics I made this entire video fairly quickly on my phone. ? Technology is craaaaaazy.)

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