Have you heard of the Entovegan diet? It’s vegan + insects, and without a doubt, it’s the world’s healthiest sustainable dietary framework. 

More than half a million people saw my recent video featured on LADBible, which generated a fair bit of controversy but also positive buzz around eating insects. This was a major step forward for insects as food.

I’m Josh Galt, creator of Entovegan, and I’m an insect nutrition enthusiast who probably eats more bugs on a daily basis than anyone on the planet. I want to work with your company to achieve faster growth and greater visibility within the insects as food space. 

Now is the perfect time to begin implementing the strategies which will set your brand apart from the rest of the pack, and generate top of mind awareness with early adopter consumers. Forget about the mainstream – that comes later. You need to start with the trendsetters, who are definitely willing to embrace insects if certain conditions are met.


My mind was changed on insects when I chose to overcome my ingrained cultural biases in 2015, and since then I have gained a deep understanding of the insect industry, from farm to fork. The epiphany came for me soon after, when I realized that the combination of farmed insects with a vegan diet, is a truly unbeatable combination of health and sustainability.

So from smallhold rural farms in SE Asia and Latin America, to the most well-known consumer brands in major retailers, I have supported people and products in the sector who are aiming to make a positive difference in the world through edible insects.

But there are some major problems with insects as food today, and as an early adopter consumer myself, it’s no longer enough for me to blindly support just anyone using “insects” as an ingredient. 

It’s time to demand more from insect-based products, and integrity in marketing requires that I know a lot more than I’m currently allowed to, about the products that I’m promoting.


Here are a few of the glaring issues I see within the insects as food space:

  • Lack of transparency in farming, processing, and nutritional content
  • Gimmicky products with only small amounts of insect ingredients, i.e. no real nutritional impact
  • Zero traceability in the supply chain process is at odds with modern consumer buying habits
  • Sustainability data is nonexistent and unverifiable, requiring consumers to just ‘trust’ the company’s claims
  • Smallhold farmers are cut off from access to consumer markets, despite being the majority of producers
  • Consumer access to products is curated by middlemen based mostly on profitability, not SDG impact
  • Public perception of insects is driven by media stories which tilt negative and lack proper emotional hooks

While some of these are challenges which will require the major players in the sector to work together on solving over the coming years (and indeed, this is happening already and I’m excited to be part of these initiatives), I also want to do my part now as an individual influencer to bring insect products to a higher level of accountability and consumer access.

It’s extremely important that ingredients are farmed and processed in a verifiably sustainable manner. And as an Entovegan, I also want to know that products are free from non-insect animal ingredients – no meat, no dairy, no eggs. Quite frankly, avoiding environmentally damaging plant proteins such as soy, is a better way forward as well.


The goal with Entovegan Certification is to make it clear to consumers that the insect product in their hands or on their screen is truly sustainable, nutritious, and free from all non-insect animal products.

But this is much more than simply an informative label. Entovegan Certified can be a catalyst for proving that insects truly are the world’s most sustainable alternative protein.

Recently, many global organizations and corporations have published reports relating to agricultural solutions and UN Sustainable Development Goals – and insects have been completely ignored as a potential SDG solution! 

I believe this is because we as an industry are not doing our part to demonstrate through verifiable, traceable sustainability data, that insects are a valid eco-friendly way to bring about positive change in our planet’s food system.

With Entovegan Certified, we can begin to change that perception, and take responsibility for showing the environmental impact of insect agriculture and the nutritional benefits of insects as an alternative protein ingredient.


If this all seems like an insurmountable challenge, it’s really not. Because right now the industry is approaching the market from the wrong angle – and changing things from the bottom up will lead to increased consumer awareness and growth in purchasing.

Entovegan Certified - circular logo - use only with authorizationIt’s time that this industry takes a big step forward and owns its rightful place as the world’s ultimate sustainable superfood.

But in order to accomplish that lofty objective, major changes need to happen at the core of what is being produced, and at the heart of the messaging which is being shared.

If you’re proud of your insect company’s positive impact, and willing to be held accountable and demonstrate to consumers exactly how your products will help them offset their carbon footprint and make a difference for their health and the health of our planet’s ecosystems, I want to help you maximize that message and spread it to a larger audience.

Entovegan Certified is an initiative to create stronger desire in consumers for insect products which are:

  • Verifiably more sustainable to produce
  • Quantifiably healthier and more nutritious
  • Dedicated to transparency and traceability

Together we can make a difference that proves to the world why all the hype surrounding edible insects existed in the first place, and demonstrate exactly why insects are truly the most sustainable and nutritious food source.

Contact me to schedule a call, and let’s shine a brighter light on your brand and products, to stand out as a positive example in a crowded, still unaccountable space! 

Yours in business and in health,
Josh Galt, Entovegan

PS – would you take 2 minutes and answer a few simple questions related to insects as food?

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I’d greatly appreciate it! Your response will help me to improve my promotion of Entomophagy going forward.


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