So I’m 2/3 of the way through the 90 day Entovegan challenge – specifically on day 58, but I feel like writing a blog now after my workout today, so I’m not going to wait until day 60 haha. Close enough.

Anyway, my goal for the final month is to get cut, to drop bodyfat % and get below 10%. It shouldn’t be any more difficult on an entomophagy diet than a normal diet, but given that it’s probably been a decade since I’ve been below 10% I’m not sure how well my metabolism is going to respond or how to best manipulate it.

I’ve decided to go with a method¬† of intermittent fasting, known as 16:8. It’s 16 hours in a fasted state, and 8 hours eating. So basically, it just means I skip breakfast and stop eating in the early evening (I eat from 11AM – 7PM). Not a big deal, although I’ve always had a fruit smoothie in the mornings.

I usually workout mid-morning, so it means I’m now working out on an empty stomach – no problem for cardio, obviously, but a bit more challenging for lifting. I haven’t really noticed an issue though with strength or stamina, which is good. But I’m definitely famished after my workout!

I’m eating fewer starchy carbs now as well (sweet potatoes etc), and focusing more on just protein and veggies. I’ve also upped my intense cardio, but it’s less in “workout” form and more in “fun” form, like playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, swimming…ok swimming laps only qualifies for fun because I love the water, but the laps part is boring as hell, not gonna lie haha. I get a good workout though. And I am one of those teammates whose main strength is #hustle, when playing sports, so i definitely get my 2 hours of cardio in doing that.

And as usual I’m still biking everywhere I go, so I get plenty of exercise every day on the bike too. And I run the stairs in my building rather than taking the elevator, when I come back from a workout – and sometimes other times when I’m not already sweaty, simply because I forgot my key card. Whoops! It’s 13 flights of stairs though so it’s a nice little cool-down.

It’s hard to tell if I’m still growing or losing bodyfat though. Looking at photos it seems like I’m a little bit bigger than I was 2 weeks ago at the halfway mark, but the vascular difference isn’t really noticeable. So I’m still carrying way more bodyfat than I want to be. Which is honestly a bit frustrating, since I’m eating so freaking clean.

That’s another thing – I’m actually looking forward to January and after I finish the 90 days and all my tests, pigging out for a day (or a weekend haha) on food that isn’t good for me. I don’t have cravings, really, and I do like most of what I eat, it’s just the psychological weight of being in this really, REALLY strict diet without any cheat meals for 3 months…sometimes I think fondly about pizza and ice cream lol.

But for now, I’ve got one more month to go and I’m giving it everything I’ve got. I can tell both from photos and how I feel, that I’ve come a long way in 2 months, but I’m looking forward to seeing where I can get to in 30 more days. And then 6 months after that.

One thing is for sure though – it’s definitely possible to get stronger, faster, and in better physical shape with a vegan diet and insect protein as the primary protein source!

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