That is the message for today, for this week, for the rest of this year. Can you do a day, a week, 6 weeks of intentional, deliberate action?

To be intentional means to focus on an end goal, to move in that direction with actions which support achieving it, yes, but it also means culling, cutting, removing everything that doesn’t.

“Eat healthy” is vague and meaningless unless taken to an intentional purpose and viewed under a proverbial microscope.

You want to be healthy, but how much salt are you consuming in your vegan snack foods? How much sugar, or sugar replacements – and do you understand what happens in the body when you trick it into thinking it’s getting sugar but it doesn’t?

Is your exercise done with meaning, or is it rote, mindless, going through the motions to work up a sweat, to check the box for the day, but without measuring, without pushing through pain limits, without progress?

Is your sustainability lip-service? Or are you looking deeper than headlines, at what you can truly do to live in a more eco-friendly manner? I’ll give you a suggestion – plastic straws, in the grand scheme of things, probably make zero difference at this point.

It’s something, yes – but could you be intentional in other ways that make a bigger difference? How many pair of Nike’s or designer jeans do you own? All the bamboo straws you could ever use, won’t make up for the damage done by mega-corporations who convince us we “need” their products.

We don’t. And I’m not pointing fingers – I’m as guilty as anyone. But that’s why intention is my watchword. Every detail, every aspect of my life, I want it to be lived with intention.

And the only way to act with intention is to understand A) the goal and B) the truth.

The truth about nature, about the nature of humanity, about the details of a truly sustainable life.


act with intention - entovegan

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