A little rant on being too “soft”!

I’m glad Philip (on the poster in the background) put up all those posters of himself in the gym, because it pisses me off every morning when I go in there, so I workout just a little bit harder with a little bit more oomph. ??

I mean the dude is in his 50’s (they call him jacked grandpa haha) and about 6% bodyfat. That’s incredible. #respect


I’m still above 15% probably. Grrrrr. Not sure why – I’m eating similar to how he told me he eats I think,, except for Entovegan (he eats chicken and fish).

I’ve even cut calories a bit and increased cardio, and that has helped the past month since I got back from 3 months of traveling and inconsistent workouts. My pants are definitely a bit looser. ?

But I feel like my metabolism has for sure slowed down being vegan. For my entire life I would eat anything and all the time, and basically maintain around (or below) 185lbs / 83kg. Now I’ve been struggling to stay under 200lbs even though I eat way less, and eat healthy vegan + insects. ?

I’m going to be following this Instagram star @vipergq as he goes on a vegan bulk and see what I can learn, there must be some reason my metabolism is slower on a plant-based diet, but I’m not sure what it is.

Yes, it was a decade ago. But I still want to get back to this. Why not?

I don’t like feeling fluffy though and I want to get back to my normal weight. More cardio? Less fruit in my daily smoothie?


It’s not calories, I have a smoothie late morning with cricket protein and then one big meal in the afternoon, with crickets as often as possible, and I’m doing the 16/8 fasting/eating thing which I’ve read is supposed to be great for your metabolism.

So I’m definitely not eating more than I (theoretically) am burning.

It could be hormones as well, or some kind of vitamin deficiency. I did some tests recently and will again at the end of the year, we’ll see how it looks.

Insects are for sure not the issue – heck, they’ve probably kept me from more serious health problems – but I have a feeling I need to be supplementing more than I have been

I stopped with pretty much all supplements last year mainly to keep the test as real and raw as possible across the board.

I have suffered for it – especially my teeth, which is BY FAR the number one issue people contact me about. Apparently being vegan truly messes with your teeth if you don’t supplement with calcium (which I’ve been doing) and carefully watch that all grains are sprouted etc.

Anyway, overall I feel pretty good but I used to be 7% bodyfat so I’m kinda annoyed haha. Any suggestions from people who are shredded I’m all ears! ?

But I’m for sure going to start supplementing again, along with a few other changes, and see if it makes a difference.

Back when you could still see individual muscles… #goals #nicekicks #needahaircut (Also, I’m pretty sure this was shot on an old 35mm film camera from the 1970’s that was passed down to me. Crazy.)

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