My good friend and fellow bug-enthusiast Mario aka Chef Melgarejo (Melbugs) was profiled on Real America with Jorge Ramos this week! Really cool feature for him and brings attention to insects as food, and Mario’s take on Bug Bacon, which he’s created using mealworms (tenebrio molitor) and calls Tocinebrio!

It’s been a long process and the past couple years landed especially hard right when we were thinking we were about to hit our stride back in January 2020. But I’m proud of Chef Mario for his perseverance, determination, resilience, and dedication to his craft! ??‍?

He has continued to live his passion and make an impact day by day, in so many ways that people don’t always see on social media. 

Chef Melgarejo's Tocinebrio bug bacon as a topping on ice cream When I was stuck in Canada last year and our BSFL were unable to be shipped out of Asia for Bug Bacon, he whipped up a different concoction using mealworms and created Tocinebrio, tocino ? + mealworms (tenebrios). It’s become a super popular snack and topping. 

And of course! It’s delicious and healthy and sustainable and doing good for actual people, not just mega-corporations. 

People love to support local businesses with integrity and pride in what they create (thus the need for gov mandates and lockdowns to put hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses permanently out of business…the elites don’t want competition, especially not with soul!).

But tyranny aside – because actually México is one of the freest places on earth right now – I’m proud of Mario for keeping after it! He’s been an inspiration to me when I was ready to say fuck it the past 18 months, and I’m grateful for that. 

Now with new opportunities in the pipeline I am stoked to be able to jump back on the @melbugsmx bandwagon and be a cheerleader again. I’m telling you, Tocinebrio is as addictive as what Starbucks would make if Starbucks did make candy with bugs. ???

Eat bugs, I do.” -Baby Yoda (I’m sure)

baby yoda eat bugs I do entovegan

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