Instead of bouncing from one extreme to another, going from strict vegan to carnivore, just be rational – there’s a better solution, Entovegan!

Vegan influencer Alyse Parkerr has come out and said that after 4.5 years as a vegan, she’s been having health problems (hello…plant-based has flaws) and is now trying the full-on carnivore diet.

While I applaud anyone willing to change their worldview in an attempt to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be, there’s a much better solution than living on the extreme fringes. Embrace the bug, because insects have the nutrients missing from the vegan diet, and they’re much more sustainable – and ethical – than a carnivorous diet.

There’s no need to go from meat-lover to plant-based, or from vegan to carnivore.

There’s a place of balance, called Entovegan, and it is the world’s ultimate sustainable superfood diet.

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