The evolution of the vegan diet is powered by sustainable insect nutrition.

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I am Entovegan, and I get #entogainz

NOTE: I’m no longer doing Entovegan, for various personal and health reasons, predominately that I no longer believe anything “vegan” is as healthy as at least including eggs and dairy (aka vegetarian) or eating like a regular human (meats, dairy, fruits, veggies, etc).

I do still believe fully in the power of entomophagy and insect nutrition, especially for animal feed and crops (insect frass as fertilizer), along with many other uses which have been discovered and are under consideration.

I don’t use this website anymore but I’m leaving it up as a time-capsule from the 3.5 years that I did it. Why did I stop initially? Because when the bullshit government lockdowns started in March 2020, I bugged out to a ranch in the middle of nowhere, and after a while I ran out of bugs and decided I’d rather survive than keep living a diet that few cared about during those months, and I found that I was feeling better eating moosemeat every day with my salads.

It was a great experiment though, and during those years living Entovegan I was consuming more insect protein on a daily basis than anyone on earth. So I have no regrets, and I still think insects are great.

Now I have a very different view on virtually everything, but I’ll leave this site up for posterity.


Hi, I’m Josh Galt, the original Entovegan and creator of the movement to improve the plant-based diet through the addition of insects.

Entovegan began as a personal exploration of vegan + insects, eating a plant-based vegan diet but boosting the nutritional content with edible insects and insect-based protein and products.

I now am fully convinced it is the world’s ultimate sustainable superfood diet.

The massive growth in all things plant-based is driven by myriad factors, but the more people study the industry extensively and objectively, cracks are beginning to show. People are starting to see the long-term nutritional deficiencies in a strictly vegan diet, along with sustainability issues.

Because the motivation for many who are going plant-based is based on sustainability and/or personal health, I am confident that there are millions of people rational and open-minded enough to shift from a purely plant-based dietary framework, to an improved one which is exponentially more sustainable and considerably healthier when including insects: ENTOVEGAN.

I’ve been on this journey for a few years now, and I’ve already been excited to find that there are starting to be many more people around the world who practice some form of the entovegan (or entotarian) lifestyle!

Many people who’ve found Entovegan and made the switch, have reached out to me saying “thank you” for putting together this synergistic combination of entomophagy and veganism, as the Entovegan whole is much more powerful than the sum of the parts alone.

And while I’ve been at the forefront –and thus been the one taking a ridiculous amount of hate from angry vegan trolls online– this movement is growing, with many more companies and people within the insect space and in mainstream media now beginning to utilize the term ‘entovegan’ as a legitimate framework.

People are coming to the understanding that yes, indeed, there’s something more sustainable and healthier than a purely plant-based diet, and that’s a plant-based diet which includes insects!

While there has been considerable pushback from the strictly ‘vegan’ community (even though I’ve been very clear that I’m not a vegan who eats insects, I am an Entovegan – a new word and philosophical / dietary framework), the past year has found even mainstream media beginning to acknowledge the potential and the reality of plant-based eaters to accept edible insects.

It’s a bit of vindication for what I’ve been saying all along – because Entovegan truly makes the most logical sense for maximizing sustainability, nutrition, and taste, while simultaneously eliminating meat consumption.


Josh Galt Entovegan - black soldier fly larvae snacks Unique Biotech Tasty Grubs

Excited by Tasty Grubs, the 100% natural black soldier fly larvae from Unique Biotech Malaysia

I’ve eaten relatively healthy my whole life, and very healthy as an adult. But one “diet” I’d never tried was going full-on vegan.

I am naturally skeptical of health claims, and so as I researched the plant-based dietary trend, I came across a lot of information related to the downside of a strictly vegan diet, namely issues with calcium, B12, and other protein and mineral related health problems.

The epiphany for me was realizing, insects solve all those nutritional deficiencies in the vegan diet, and they’re considerably more sustainable to farm than commercially processed plant proteins as well!

Entovegan is literally the perfect combination for a sustainable, healthy dietary framework.

So I started my own plants + insects diet to detail how it works for others who may also be interested, and I call it Entovegan.

My goal has simply been to test the efficacy of a diet based on insect protein, and through demonstrating my own #entogains, to hopefully inspire others to adopt what I believe to be the healthiest diet with the most upside for the environment, and one which also eliminates the need for cruel commercial meat factories.


Many people in the west, though, are still hesitant to consume insects, despite being aware of the sustainability and health benefits, and even though more than 2 billion people enjoy insects on a regular basis around the world.

But refusing to eat insects is nothing more than a Eurocentric cultural bias.

Tasty Grubs black soldier fly larvae BSFL palm sugar coconut milk

Coconut milk, Khmer palm sugar, toasted black soldier fly larvae fed on clean agrowaste

Whether it can be blamed on Columbus, who demonized the indigenous populations in the new world whom he saw eating insects, or if it stems from an agrarian society where insects such as locusts were considered destructive pests, today there is no rational basis for westerners to reject farmed insects as food (and feed – a separate but equally as important theme).

Insects are the ultimate sustainable superfood, and they taste delicious!

I do understand the hesitation though, because I came from that typical western mindset. I was ignorant of the truth.

Years ago when I began this journey, I was uneducated about insects and thus I had no interest in consuming them.

But when I realized:

  • A) insects are the most sustainable form of natural protein we can currently farm
  • B) insects are truly a superfood, being a whole and complete animal protein, packed with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut micro-biome
  • C) insects taste nothing like what I had been brainwashed to believe and are actually really delicious

Well…the choice was simple. Make a conscious choice to get over my cultural biases and embrace the bug. And that’s what I’ve done.

It’s more sustainable, healthier, and more ethical than other diets for many reasons. And insects have an incredibly diverse flavor profile, so there’s a rich culinary experience waiting for anyone willing to expand their palate.


ripped abs entovegan diet josh galt

Entovegan. Frame. Work.

The Entovegan nutritional plan is simple – consume and use plants and insects, and the by-products of both. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and all edible insects, including the eggs (ant eggs are delicious) or what they produce, such as sustainably collected honey.

Through further research with my friends who are also passionate about entomophagy, we discovered that the “cockroach of the sea” is actually part of the Pancrustacea clade, grouping all insects with crustaceans such as shrimp and lobster.

While the sustainable harvest of these oceanic animals is a challenge, logically it makes sense to include them as part of the Entovegan diet.

There is still much to research, including nutritional values, sustainability, ethics, and other long-term considerations for human health, along with impact on ecosystems, deeper studies on the insects themselves, and of course the long term impacts on our planet.

But that’s what this journey I’m undertaking is all about. I don’t claim to know all the answers, but I’m determined to seek them out and make the most logical decisions possible! Based on what’s best for my individual human health, and best for the planet. Based on what is right.

If you’re a vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian, or simply a vegan, and you’ve been hearing people rave about how insects can solve the planet’s food shortage problems, well, I invite you to join me on this journey and take a deeper look at what we eat, why we eat it, and how we can collectively improve our eating habits for the good of all living things!

And of course, if you’re a meat-eater, I encourage you to look at how substituting insects for a portion of the meat you eat can improve the clean nutrition you’re consuming, and make a positive impact on the environment as well.

At the core of it all I want to maximize my own life for my health and fitness, as well as my individual environmental impact, and I’ve decided to also live this journey publicly through both the good and the bad, to be as transparent as possible about what works and why.

Because I think there’s definitely some great truths to be discovered by going decidedly “low tech” and biohacking with the most basic sustenance nature has to offer us humans: plants + insects!


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From the foundational point that your life and its perpetuation should be your highest ideal, to an acknowledgment that science shows insects don’t feel any more pain than plants do, to the flexible dietary approach to eating as clean and healthy as possible, check out the framework for the Entovegan philosophy!

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