Movies show a dystopian future as bleak & colorless. Historical pics of bread lines are in b&w.

Thus few people are able to wrap their minds around the fact that no matter how awful, the new dystopian world will still be as bright and colorful as we’ve always known it.

I’ve not seen it in person, but I imagine that North Korea in the springtime must be stunningly beautiful.

How many people picture neat rows of flowering plum trees in full bloom when they think of North Korea?

There’s a disconnect between what we imagine and reality.

Unfortunately, hollywood has also painted the picture of “eating bugs” into these end-of-days films, positioning edible insects as the food of doomsday bunkers and only eaten as a last resort.

The reality is that insect nutrition already has a role in healthy diets globally.

We may be facing a gloomy future that grows more and more truly dystopian over the next months and years.

But the natural world around us will remain breathtakingly beautiful (assuming no nukes). Eating insects should be understood as similarly enjoyable.

Now is a great time to learn about how insect nutrition can benefit your immune system, and how broad of a flavor spectrum and truly versatile insects can be in creative recipes.

There are many great insect chefs out there (since nobody is paying me I’ll let you google haha, but I do recommend Chef Mario Melgarejo in Mexico, Chef Joseph Yoon from Brooklyn Bugs, and Aly Moore from Eat Bugs Events and @Bugible), so get following as many as you can for creative insect food ideas and recipes!

Beautiful young woman with salad looking at cricket croutons

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