I’m about 30 days into my 90 day Entovegan challenge, to see what kind of transformation I can make eating vegan + insect protein.

After spending a couple months in Mexico where I got pretty out of shape and basically subsisted on vegetable-oil fried tortillas, nopal cactus, and avocado, I’m on a good routine now back in Asia, adding some muscle and working on burning off el dadbod. 

I know it’s hip now (even Leo is doing it!) to have a dadbod, but I’m an athlete and want to be able to live as an athlete my entire life – being soft and flabby means I’m out of shape, and that’s unacceptable. I don’t feel my best that way, and cannot perform my best mentally, creatively, or physically.

While overall I think I’m on the right track, starting this week I’m going to add creatine back into my supplementation, and spend the next couple months lifting harder in conjunction with my usual cardio.

I’m still feeling as good as I did after that first week, which is awesome. Actually I feel better – so I’m looking forward to another month of getting bigger stronger faster, and exponentially improved results! ???

It’ll be nice to see my abs again, that’s for sure…they’re starting to show through, like those garden tools you accidentally left outside before winter, start peeking their heads through the melting snow in spring haha.

Cricket protein is powering the furnace! 2/3 of the way still to go.


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