So I almost never get sick. I’ve been lucky / blessed / whatever you want to call it, but I’ve figured out what works for me (lots of sunshine and exercise, and very little sugar makes a big difference!), and for the most part I avoid the sniffles and the flu etc.

But after a couple months of eating the entovegan diet, I got sick. Annoyingly sick, the painful sore throat and nasty cough that hangs around for a week sort of sick.

And frankly, it made me question everything I’m doing.

  • Why is my immune system not strong enough to fight this off?
  • Why am I not getting better immediately?
  • How can I fight this if I can’t eat chicken noodle soup?


The strange thing is that always before, if I got sick I’d immediately revert to simply juicing massive amounts of vegetables, pound it into my system for 24 hours, and it’d taste awful (I’d use a lot of garlic and cayenne as well) and burn like hell, but it was a foolproof way to get better.

But now, that’s essentially a core part of my diet already, so I’ve felt like I don’t really have anything to turn to for a quick fix to not be sick. Which is a weird position for me to be in.

I’m sure the reason I got sick in the first place was a mix of exhaustion from traveling halfway around the world, the wet weather in Asia right now, and constantly going from hot and sweaty to cold air conditioning.

That’s a normal occurrence though, and it doesn’t usually make me sick. So now I have to figure out the way to get better as soon as possible. Oh, and I don’t do pharmaceuticals typically either, so my goal is to beat this cold naturally.

I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, with a little more daily vitamin D and a lot more sleep at night, and see how it goes.

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