Kids do the darndest things, right? They seem to have no fear of putting pretty much anything in their mouths, including bugs. But the remarkable thing about kids eating bugs is that before that habit is brainwashed out of them, the bug-to-mouth activity isn’t met with repulsion, it’s naturally fully enjoyed.

What happens to that childlike fascination with the world as a person gets older? Why does it fade, and is it possible to rediscover that level of pure innocent happiness, as adults?

It absolutely is. And it starts with an open mind, an understanding of one’s self and motives, and a grateful appreciation for the world around you. A willingness to taste new foods is a definite plus!

When I first made the choice to change my attitude toward edible insects, after learning about their sustainability and health benefits, it was as though I stepped through a portal and landed on another planet, where everything was new and exciting.

Essentially, my journey with Entomophagy has been one of discovery – like I’m a kid back in the woods behind our house, wide-eyed and amazed at the untold mysteries which surround me. A place filled with adventure, capable of capturing my imagination for days on end.

After 3 years my fascination with edible insects hasn’t waned, at all. In fact, because of the deeper understanding that I now have related to the subtle differences in insect species, nutritional content, and flavors, I definitely enjoy the discovery process even more now than I did when I first opened my mind to the idea of eating bugs.

The textures vary from insect to insect, depending on how they’re prepared. The natural tastes are unique, and can be complimentary to other foods my brain already knows and loves – but the combinations are completely new.

And with more than 2,111 different kinds of insects known to be eaten, there’s an endless array of bug foods to experiment with! Entomophagy is a culinary journey that can delight the senses for a lifetime.

More than that, though – eating bugs is something that one can feel good about for adult reasons as well. Farmed insects are the most sustainable form of natural protein on the planet, helping to reduce environmentally damaging meat farming and subsequently save land, feed, water, all with a massive reduction in greenhouse gasses.

They’re also very healthy, an aspect that the kid in each of us probably doesn’t care about, but our wizened mature selves appreciate. Insects are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, along with digestive fiber and omega fatty acids – the rich taste is only surpassed by the powerful nutrition the bug contains!

When you were young, you were naturally curious. Take a chance, now, today, and put yourself back in that state, where everything you see, touch, taste, and feel, brings a sense of “wow!” to your brain.

Once you understand the positive environmental and nutritional impact of edible insects, don’t overthink it. Just embark with an open mind on the journey of rediscovering childlike joys, by eating bugs.

Love your planet.
Love your body.
Love your food.

Entovegan Love #EatBugs - Rediscover happiness insect kebabs - Tonkhaw Watchara

Model: Tonkhaw Watchara
Insects: Grasshoppers, crickets, palm weevil larvae, scorpions
Photographer: H
Location: Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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