Things are really going well, I feel amazing, I’m lifting harder than I have in years and that is motivating and hella fun, and I’m starting to see changes now – muscle is coming back, and all my gordito fat is FINALLY starting to subside.

I’ll do some pictures in 5 days at the halfway point, and see if there’s much difference between the before pics and now (I’ll do them the same place and light). The difference is visible to me in the mirror, but it’ll be interesting to see the photos.

I haven’t had much to say though because for me now it’s just routine, and I find it challenging to share something new every day when it’s the same thing every day. haha clearly I’m a wee bit older than the current youtube generation. I get it, just struggle to do it (well).

Anyway, since the point of this 90 day challenge is to publicly see what will happen eating only a vegan diet with insects, I have to say that at 40 days I feel incredible, and see no reason for ever stopping the Entovegan way of eating as a habit.

However, after this 90 days is up, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to adding in a cheat meal once a week at least. Not that it will be “meat”, just something that tastes different than fried garlic crickets and quinoa with salad greens which it seems like I eat every meal. 😉

Although, I will admit to craving pizza and ice cream the past few days. Badly. So since I’ve been wondering what’s dampened my appetite, maybe it’s just that – I’m sick of eating mostly the same thing all the time, so my mind is just like “nope, not hungry”.

The reason my lower appetite is so strange for me is because I am ALWAYS HUNGRY, normally. Back when I was a carnivore and living on lots of protein (meat, chicken, eggs, yogurt, etc), I was always hungry. Which I learned at the start of being an Entovegan is likely from a lack of carbs.

The body needs carbs for energy – I was getting too much protein and not enough carbohydrates, thus, always hungry. That probably contributed to my overall lack of explosive energy or muscle growth as well.

Now, though, I’m surprised by how little I have to actually eat to have energy – but the fact is it’s almost all carbs and fats: veggies, fruit, quinoa, cuscous, avocados, coconut oil, peanut butter, cashews, almonds. And then of course lots of crickets.

Oh so many, many platefuls of crickets… lol

I’m a bit concerned that I’m not eating enough calories, but I feel great and my workouts are on the up and up, so until I hit a plateau I will keep listening to my body in terms of hunger. Next month I will probably have to be on a regimented caloric intake, as I want to focus more on burning fat and getting cut before the 90 days is up. Have to look good for the “after” photo!

For now though, I have a couple weeks more of going after those entogains, so I’m going to force myself to eat (healthy stuff) even if I don’t really feel like eating, and see what kind of size I can put on.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how well my body seems to be responding to an entovegan diet. Other than the brief tooth scare, there’s no question in my mind about how positive this has been and continues to be.

Cravings for comfort food are sometimes rough, but I there are plenty of delicious snacks and foods that are vegan, and actually healthy. I enjoy sweet potatoes, they have a lot of that carby goodness but aren’t going to destroy my diet.

If you’re curious about anything related to the entovegan diet, send me a message, I’ll be happy to answer any questions. The longer I do this, the more I believe it’s really a legitimate way of living!

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