Here are the steps to make your own insect protein powder at home:

  • Get at least 1kg of fresh insects, uncooked (more is better, because you’ll end up with about 1/3 the weight of your original insects, as powder)
  • Wash, rinse, repeat until the water you’re washing them in stays relatively clear
  • Set a pot of water to boil, and salt it using sea salt or himalayan salt – the bugs will improve in flavor
  • Boil the insects thoroughly, but don’t “cook” them
  • Drain using a colander, and then spread the insects on a baking sheet
  • Put them in a pre-heated oven at around 160 degrees celcius, for around an hour and forty-five minutes (your time and temp may vary, but you want them to feel dry when you squeeze them, and the legs should start to crumble off when they’re touched)
  • Remove from the oven and let them cool
  • Powderize them in a coffee grinder or food processor
  • If you want really fine protein powder, grind them in a flour mill or by hand using a metate (stone ground by hand), then sift the powder
  • Store in a ziplock bag or plastic container, in a cool dry place

Then, of course, use generously and enjoy in fruit smoothies, as a topping on salads, mixed into baked goods or pasta, or be creative and add to your favorite vegan dish!

After a couple months in the kitchen with Chef Melgarejo and hundreds of eager students in Mexico, I’ve gotten the cooking bug and have decided to do some more experimenting now that I’m back in Cambodia.

One dietary item I use often is protein powder, and since there’s no cricket protein powder in Cambodia, I’ve got to make my own! Thanks to my buddy Curran, I’ve been through the process once before a few months back, so this time around it was super quick and easy to get the job done.

Insect protein powder is simple to make (if you can get the insects), very heathy, and delicious no matter what you mix it with.

Unlike whey or many other protein types with artificial flavoring, too, insect protein is totally natural and can be used in myriad ways, from smoothies to salads to main dishes!

Rather than just use the typical farmed crickets, though, I used a mix of wild crickets, mole crickets, grasshoppers of varying shapes and sizes, and some beetles which taste great but even after some googling I’m not sure what exactly they are.

The metallic green flecks in my protein powder are actually kind of a cool touch though haha. I use them if I can get them!