There’s so much talk about ‘progress’ in today’s world, but when presented with rational, feasible solutions, how many people actually choose the forward-thinking option?

The choices that I make on a daily basis build the foundation and fabric of my character and thus my life.

And despite my natural tendencies to be confrontational, ultimately, love is progress.

Not indifference, avoidance of personal responsibility, or disdain for that which one is unfamiliar with.

And yes, there are levels to this conversation. How I treat my fellow humans is of greater importance to the long-term environmental impacts of the foods I eat, and the lifestyle I live.

I’m not equating interpersonal behavior with entomophagy, so chill for a second before you react emotionally.

But there’s no denying that everything is intertwined. That philosophically speaking, a worldview which is based on love and respect for all living beings, it more likely to inspire positive change and evolution.

In human relationships.
In one’s connection to the earth.
In the impact, and legacy, one leaves behind in their wake.

What’s the framework of your worldview? Is it based on love? Because if it is, then you’ll get what the Love #EatBugs idea is all about.


Love for your planet includes other humans. You don’t need to always agree with them – but love indicates a basic level of human decency, of respect, of accepting them as unique individuals and judging only the content of their character.

Love for your body goes beyond merely nutrition. It’s far deeper than that – none of us chose our biology, whether male or female, dark skin or light skin, straight hair or curly hair, tall or short, extroverted or introverted, on and on it goes.

Those are merely characteristics of our external appearance, this body that each one of us travels with through the journey of life.

But that’s not who we are, at the core.

We’re spiritual beings, of some type, whether we’re in a SIM or there’s some higher power, and we’re here having an earthly experience. Together.

So why all the division? Why all the strife? And connected to that, why the lack of understanding for the simple, natural solutions this earth has provided to humanity for our health and nourishment?

I’ve noticed that defiantly closed-minded people tend to be so in most areas of their life. Preconceived, deeply ingrained biases are like a virus of the soul, infecting all areas of a person’s existence.

This isn’t a guilt trip, because we all have our hang-ups. Regarding insects as food, I was there half a decade ago. I had my (incorrect) bias.

But when presented with new information, I had no real option but to accept it and adjust my thinking, because that is fundamental to my worldview.

To learn, to grow, to evolve – in my thinking, and my doing as an individual.

And the reason is simple: a pure love for life.

An appreciation for the beauty of uniqueness found in all living things, and in many man-made creations.

Deep gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in this life, the lessons from challenges, and the wonders of flow.

Greeting each day with that perspective, then, it’s a real, honest motivation to simply be better, to do my utmost to maximize myself in this SIM, to leave a touch of goodness in every individual I encounter, and to take care of the footprints I leave on this fascinating planet.

Life has value. And the solution to so much of what ails our current world is an appreciation for that great worth, and an alignment of actions motivated by love.

To sustain, to build, to share, to improve – first within each of our selves, and then expanding to the wider area which we have a modicum of control over.

That means my attitudes, my words, my responses to others.

It means looking beyond the exoskeleton, past the surface, to find the deeper truth.

It means questioning, and challenging the status quo. I think most rational humans will agree that despite our rapid technological advances unparalleled in human history, this planet is pretty fucked up right now. 2020 ripped the bandage off to see just how hideous the wound really is.

But wait! Hold that thought you just had. Don’t seek someone to blame, a scapegoat, a source of evil. That’s too easy.

Look within. What can you do to make the world a better place, in a way which simultaneously will fight the roots of corruption and immoral power which exist?

I see a world filled with protests, driven by anger. It’s justified anger in many cases, no question – but it’s misplaced, and it’s sowing unnecessary division between families, friends, neighbors.

Anger is not the solution. Don’t confuse angry action with productive action.

It’s possible to act in love and have massive impact. Many of our great heroes of the past proved that love is mightier than hate, even in the face of unbelievable persecution for it.

And yet, I won’t even name any specific examples here, knowing that no matter who the individual was, there will be those who nitpick and find fault, and attack my choice of a positive example.

That’s not love, though – if you’re constantly criticizing, without providing solutions, the person you need to yell at is in the mirror.

Ask yourself “why?” Why so angry, why the desire to blame others, and the quest to have others be the solution to the problems you see?

Each of us has the power to direct our own lives in a positive manner.

But it requires a willingness to examine potential solutions which may be counter to what one currently believes.

It requires the fortitude to admit when I’m wrong, and to change my faulty belief, and take action in a new direction.

In order to really grow, I have to get out of the comfortable ruts. My evolution doesn’t happen on a smooth road, a slippery slope unimpeded by challenges or contrarian ideas.

My evolution happens most on the path least trodden. Growth comes through continual learning, which happens most through overcoming difficulties, internal and external.

In the mind, the body, in daily life.

If you want the world to be a better place, live with love.

Remember, even those that you vehemently oppose are individuals too. Entities that you may despise, such as massive corporations, ideological groups, or globalist governments, are each made up of individuals.

They may share certain sentiments, beliefs, and traits – but at the core, they’re humans like you or me.

It’s hard to remember, and the noise has been amplified to a deafening level in 2020, no doubt.

But seek to live motivated by love. Earn your own self-love by living the values you profess to hold.

Love others, as fellow travelers, unique individuals on this same earthly journey of life as you.

And love the planetnot by delegating the use of force to omnipotent government entities to make everyone go “green” and live as you think they should, but by doing your part, each and every day, to be personally responsible for your environmental impact.

I think if you claim to care about the planet, it’s necessary to evaluate the potential of insects as food, feed, and other beneficial by-products (use in cosmetics, biodegradable packaging, medicine, etc).

And yet I see so many people who still, after the better part of a decade with the information widely available about insect agriculture, are disgusted and closed-minded toward the idea of entomophagy, the consumption of insects.

I won’t say it’s ok, because I don’t believe that. But I will say I empathize with you, because I was there, until I learned the truth.

Love looks deeper. My love for life in general has led me on a very specific rabbit trail of education about the incredible, undeniable positive impact and enjoyment that insects contain.

So I won’t beat you over the head with the idea – angry guilt trips are ineffective.

I’ll just tell you – if you want a better world, look within.

Because if you want to be healthier, and feed your temple in a sustainable, socially-conscious manner…there may simply be some ingrained subconscious biases keeping you from supporting and enjoying the many big-picture net-positives that insect agriculture and insect products bring to the world!

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Models: Mimi Desuka and Chris van Rhein
Insect: Crickets
Photographer: Josh Galt
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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