I read something once that humans evolved to eat local fruits in season, and that it’s healthier than eating imported fruits. ??

Now, it seems like an impractical view that wouldn’t work unless you travel to different area of the world seasonally to enjoy their fresh fruit…but with the advent of the #digitalnomad that is actually something legitimate today.

I’m currently in Germany, and it’s summer, so there is fresh regional fruit readily available: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, plums…so I’ve been gorging on it.

And while I love pineapple and papaya, it doesn’t grow here. It’s imported, and so from both a sustainability aspect and a nutrition aspect, the local fruits are a better choice.

That might seem extreme, and it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule I follow, but I think there is some merit to it.

I’m also a big fan of variety. And while I loooooove me some tropical fruits, I also really love berries and fruit from colder climates. So why not chow down on the local fruits and only the local fruits in whatever part of the world I’m in?

Honestly I’m not sure yet about the scientific validity of the “local climate fruits” being healthier or how the body responds, but I think if it’s a period of more than a few weeks, the mind and body certainly adjust to earth’s rhythm in that place. So why wouldn’t there be some kind of positive response to the nutrients from locally grown fruits (and veggies)?

I’ll have to research this more, but regardless, I’m enjoying my berryfest and it’ll make me appreciate pineapple and mango and passion fruit much more when I finally go back to Asia. And I am for sure not buying imported berries over there, al smushed and rotten and overpriced. ?

What do you think, are there health benefits to only eating locally grown produce? ? ????

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