Hey, seafood lovers! I’m gonna shoot straight with you for a second.

What’s the rationale behind turning up your nose at a cricket, while you’re sipping Moët & Chandon munching on that cricket’s pancrustacea lobster cousin? It doesn’t make sense.

You’ll gladly fork over the Amex to eat cockroaches of the sea, but then freak out about some simple sky prawns? (And yes, that’s a term of endearment for grasshoppers that real culinary connoisseurs actually use.)

Now listen, I do kinda get it, because not long ago I thought eating insects was gross. Yuck, you want me to eat bugs? THOSE bugs? Nooooo thanks.

I was there, because, well, I grew up in western culture. We didn’t eat ‘pests’, we exterminated them. And the bugs the street cart vendors in Asia sell looked like, well…you get it.

But here’s how fast it all changed for me. No, I didn’t see any bright lights, and no hallucinogenic mushrooms were involved. That I remember.

But basically, I came across information -also known as facts– which challenged my perception of insects as disgusting oily street food that only really poor people ate, and I realized, in one sitting:

  • Insects are the most sustainable form of natural protein on earth
  • Insects are one of, if not the healthiest form of animal protein on earth, and beat plant proteins in most ways
  • Insects are actually delicious if they’re prepared correctly. You know, kinda like most foods.

How does one come back from getting the mind opened to THAT?

One does not. I didn’t, and you won’t either. Because you’ve read this, the seed has now been planted.

You’ll no longer be able to avoid it, and if you care about the planet and are open-minded to innovative sustainability solutions, you’ll do your research, if you haven’t already, and you’ll find that insects present a massive opportunity to fix our food systemand our food waste problem.

Do what makes you happy, we won’t judge. But if you eat seafood, it’s a very logical question to ask yourself, why not eat insects too?

Love your planet.
Love your body.
Love your food.

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You eat shrimp and lobster, why not insects? - Entovegan - Love #EatBugs

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