I have long taken personal pride in doing the right thing and the least harm possible, for the good of my life, my fellow humans, and the planet. ?

The idea that sustainably farmed insects could be a positive solution to the planet’s food system, and an evolutionary health boost to a vegan diet, seems simple for me to understand based on this ethos. ? ?

As the #edibleinsects trend grows, though, and as more vegans and vegetarians embrace the conscious, open-minded shift toward being Entovegan and Entotarian, it seems to me the animosity and hatred toward this movement has grown as well.

And yet, the criticisms are not based in ecological or nutritional facts, because there is no argument for soy being more sustainable than farmed crickets, or lab-grown processed meats being healthier than insect products. ?‍♂️

So the arguments and anger are directed at one thing and one thing only: the use of the word “vegan”. And yet, since the beginning, I have said I’m an Entovegan, the combination of Entomophagy with veganism. It’s not purely “vegan”. I believe it’s the next evolution forward from that. ✨

And through the filter of doing the least harm possible, motivated by creating the best life possible for people on the most pristine planet possible, being Entovegan, and more, the idea of insects as food, just makes beautiful sense.

I do hope you will be open-minded and consider it.

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