If you have an insect farm, or you have an edible insect brand and you’re interested in the Entovegan Certified program, then you know just how important data management can be. And if you don’t have a software system to track all the important details for you, then you know just how painstaking all that manual data entry can be…if you can make the time for it at all.

But there’s a better way, and you don’t need to hire a team of programmers or spend 6 months to build custom software, because Cogastro has already done it for you!

Cogastro is a core management system for edible insect farms, and they’ve built the software with the aim of being infinitely customizable to your farm and production needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach they have the ability to hone in on the exact details you want to manage and data you want to collect, making them a great fit for any size of farm.

As they explain in their brochure,

It is important to track insect age, stages, cycle speed, reproduction rates, feed types and periodicity, and density, along with collecting data related to temperature, humidity, CO2, photo period, and many other aspects. These are variables which may affect feed conversion, hatch rate, space usage, and nutritional value, all of which lead to higher revenue.

While maximizing your farm’s growth and productive output, the software also ties in with IoT devices and other methods which you may be using for tracking sustainability data.

Entovegan CertifiedIn my conversations with many brands and producers over the past several months about Entovegan Certified, one of the biggest challenges that has been mentioned is how to track all that data.

With Cogastro, and basic systems monitoring plus readily available agricultural IoT sensors, you’ll be able to track everything needed for any type of certification, licensing, or regulations in your area.

One other point that has come up a few times when I’ve discussed Cogastro with insect industry business owners is security of the data, most of which is proprietary and highly valuable.

Similar to google drive, dropbox, or myriad other SaaS that businesses use on a daily basis, the Cogastro system is cloud-based and only your company has ownership and access to the data. Being cloud-based also allows for multi-site production, an added benefit for companies who are in early stages of scaling growth.

I’m a big fan of what this company is building as a solution for insect farmers and insects as food and feed companies, and believe that it’ll be a major benefit to any company needing improved data management and collection. They’re a software startup from Lithuania, one of the world’s most tech-driven countries, and their entire focus is on creating the best insect farm management software on the planet!

Cogastro is a highly important part of proving that insects are truly a sustainable form of protein for human and animal consumption. Their solution will increase efficiency while giving you valuable insights into where you can make improvements to your process, and ensure environmental impact transparency at the same time.

Interested in a demo call? Visit cogastro.com or send an email to contact@cogastro.com now and set up a time to learn more about this exciting and important insect industry software!

Cogastro compliance and efficiency for insect farming

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