Point68 Insect Beauty Wins Big at LOHAS Hong Kong 2021 & Demonstrates the Power of Sustainable Soldier Grubs

Midvale, Utah – August 6, 2021 – Most wouldn’t use insect oil on their face (yet!), but one company believes that insect oil is the future of sustainable cosmetics. Moreover, they believe that clean-beauty consumers will embrace the bug in a totally new way.

At the recent expo for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS Hong Kong 2021), the company, called Point68 Insect Beauty, took home the award for BEST SKINCARE PRODUCT for its Youth Regenerating Face Oil. The company won over many other sustainable, clean-beauty skincare products.

Developed as a joint venture between SIBU® and insect industry professional Josh Galt, Point68 is a luxury face oil formulated to improve skin hydration with cellular healing and rejuvenation.

This is one of the world’s first entomocosmetics – beauty products based on insect oil – the market has seen. Entomocosmetics have now moved beyond simply generating curiosity within the entomo-focused demographic, and now compete with mainstream high-end beauty products.

Besides the feel, scent, application, and effectiveness, of the product, the judging criteria at LOHAS Hong Kong was based on the following components:

  1. Brand Philosophy
  2. Improvement for Quality of Lifestyle
  3. Health Consciousness
  4. Eco-friendly & Sustainability Performance

In a post on LinkedIn the company stated:

“When we created Point68 our goal was to encapsulate the heart of LOHAS and clean beauty in a single bottle. We wanted to produce a youth regenerating face oil which delivers positive results on your skin. At the same time, we were dedicated to sustainability in every aspect of the brand and packaging, all the way to the beginning of the ingredient supply chains.

So we’re pretty excited that our simple little bottle filled with the world’s best certified organic facial oil botanicals, mixed with pure soldier grub oil, is now being recognized for delivering on its promise.”

For the insect industry overall, this award is a big leap forward into more mainstream recognition for insect-oil based cosmetics, and provides a positive first impression of soldier grub oil as a sustainable clean-beauty ingredient to a broader demographic of savvy, eco-conscious consumers.

“This is really cool for us because we set out to create a product that really embodied the LOHAS ethos,” Josh Galt, CEO for Point68 said. He added, “So it’s truly an honor to have the product recognized for excellence in achieving those eco-friendly goals. This is a product that people love to use and get great results from.”

For more information visit https://point68.com.

The first brand to introduce insect oil for cosmetics on a global stage, Point68 Insect Beauty is a joint venture between leading US organic and clean-beauty brand SIBU Sea Berry Therapy, and Asia-based insect industry professional Josh Galt. While SIBU has an extensive range of sea buckthorn beauty products, Point68 has entered the market with a single insect oil product for now, the Point68 Youth Regenerating Face Oil.

POINT68 (point six eight) is a reference to insects and other arthropods used in sustainable agriculture, which have 6 legs and 8+ legs respectively.

Josh Galt
Insect Beauty LLC


Point68 Insect Beauty Wins Best Skincare Product at LOHAS Hong Kong 2021

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