Entomophagyeating insects and other arthropodsis becoming quite the rage in Hollywood suddenly!

First it was Justin Timberlake with insects at his new album listening party, and now Nicole Kidman shares her hidden talent with the world, eating a 4 course meal of edible insects! She even gives a shout out to the term Micro Livestock, which is extraordinarily in the know for the bug eating industry.

On the menu: live hornworms, mealworms, crickets (of course), and for dessert, fried grasshoppers.

Kudos to Nicole for devouring what are some of the most delicious edible insects on the planet, and at least acting like she fully enjoyed it! I would have toasted up the mealworms with a little cinnamon and rice milk, but that’s just me (thanks for that one, Chef Melgarejo!).

Watch as Nicole Kidman eats bugs below!

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