In the process of starting to eat Vegan and realizing it’s really Entovegan, I’ve had to look at this dietary change – and really a big lifestyle change in many ways – and attempt to make sense of it scientifically, rationally, philosophically, and even socially.

So through many conversations with my partners in several entomophagy projects, and great feedback from them, I’ve created the beginnings of a framework for this idea I can Entoveganism.

It’s a plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and the kicker, edible insects!

Combining Entomophagy with a Vegan diet just makes sense. You’re boosting your nutritional intake – including important minerals like iron and calcium – and getting a lot more protein, which is important if you’re an athlete as I am. (I’m still a skeptic about the extremely low amounts of protein some vegans say the body “needs”…but I’m willing to test it out.)

And ethically, well, science is pretty clear that insects don’t feel pain, and there’s literally nothing more sustainable on the planet as a human food source, than edible insects. They can be raised in confined spaces, they breed extremely fast (which is their mechanism for survival, in part because they don’t feel pain), and they’re extremely nutritious!

This philosophical outline is just the beginning but I plan to improve it and refine it as I go along the next few months and discover the true benefits (and drawbacks, if any) of living an Entovegan lifestyle.


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