Crickets have been referred to as the ‘gateway bug’, because they’re a great insect to start with on your culinary journey into entomophagy. But why are they so easy to eat?

Well, most westerners are divided into 2 groups:

  • those who want to see the insect they’re eating
  • those who don’t, and prefer it in powder form

Crickets are ideal for both!

And they taste great fried, dried, or powderized, so it’s easy to see why they’ve been the go-to insect as the trend of eating bugs has started to sweet across North America and Europe.

What do they taste like? Well, there are nearly 1,000 different types of crickets, so there’s quite a bit of variety. And the diet of the cricket, especially the last few days before harvest, plays a role in the flavor as well.

But most people would describe it as somewhat of a ‘nutty’ flavor – which is another reason crickets are great as your first bug, because they can be flavored and/or paired with both sweet and savory!

You’ve probably seen some of the benefits of farming crickets, and the nutritional properties, but here’s a simple overview (or check out the Why Crickets? page on EXO Protein’s site for an in-depth look). Crickets as a sustainable food:

  • Use a small fraction of the water it takes to farm livestock
  • Require significantly less food per kg of protein produced
  • Take up only a tiny bit of land and can be grown in vertical farms
  • Give off a negligible amount of greenhouse gasses, just 1% of what cattle produce

Crickets as a nutritious food:

  • Are high in protein, more than 65% in dried or powder form
  • Contain all essential amino acids
  • Are high in vitamin B12 (great for people on a plant-based diet!)
  • Have twice as much iron as spinach
  • Are loaded with omega-3’s, as much as salmon
  • Contain more calcium than milk
  • Have been shown to positively impact pre-biotic health
  • Plus so much more – check out this incredibly thorough story from Crickster about the nutritional benefits of eating insects!

And if being one of the first to try something isn’t your m.o., well, what if you knew that a couple billion people around the world eat insects on a daily basis, with crickets being one of the most popular? Would that convince you?

Hey, we know what it’s like to be unsure about the idea of eating crickets. We were there, not too long ago.

But honestly – that fear is all in your head. They taste great. They’re crunchy like any other snack, or the powder is like any other superfood powder you’d put in a smoothie or use for baking. The powder for sure tastes a lot better than maca root or turmeric! 🙂

And the products that you can buy now – from protein bars to dried salty snack foods – are innovative and flavorful, just like any other similar product you’d buy at your local health food store.

So what are you waiting for? Take a bite! You have to experience it for yourself, and when you do, it’ll immediately change your mind about crickets and edible insects in general.

Before you know it you’ll be looking to move on from the gateway bug and try the harder stuff: palm weevil larvae, scorpions, or cockroaches! :-p

It’s just a shift in mindset. Crickets are a great way to enter the wonderful world of Entomophagy and start eating – and enjoying – sustainable, healthy, mouth-wateringly delicious insects.

Love your planet.
Love your body.
Love your food.

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