I had lunch with a friend today who brought be some homemade cricket protein powder he’d ground up, made from organic local crickets! Pretty cool.

It had zero seasoning, so I wasn’t sure how it’d taste, but surprisingly enough just the toasted and ground-up cricket powder with nothing added was delicious! It had great flavor that was slightly salty, slightly spicy, and with the unmistakable cricket aftertaste, I was impressed.

So I sprinkled it all over my lunch bowl and sweet potato fries, for an extra few grams of protein and a savory tangy change of flavor. #deliciousness!

And that’s one thing I’m looking forward to on this journey – the myriad combinations of tastes and nutritional goodness that I can mix and match and experiment with, all while feeling good about the fact that what I’m eating was sustainably sourced and grown, and is good for me, for the farmers, and for the planet!

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