I like variety, but I accept the value of routine.

One routine I don’t really like, though, is eating the same thing (almost) every meal every day. After a month, I’m very much over it. Give me something different, PLEASE.

Alas, that’s easier said than done, considering being entovegan (in Cambodia) limits my choices considerably if I want to be healthy and ensure that I’m maximizing the positive impacts of my workout routine.

So, I keep eating the same veggies, a bit of fruit, a lot of insects…and I do mean a LOT of insects.

But it’s not that I’m tired of them, they still taste great, I just need some variety, new ways to prepare them so I am still eating the same quantity of insects for the protein, vitamins, and minerals, but with a different flavor profile. New tastes, textures, a bit of variety…

Speaking of minerals, I had a conversation with a guy who built the top dental clinic in the country, and he basically scoffed at the idea that my tooth issues are because of my diet. His reasoning makes sense, as well, and addressed the confusion I had.

He said that mineral deficiencies affecting teeth would be the last thing I’d notice – a mineral deficiency would impact the muscles, the joints, and overall health long before it started hurting my teeth.

So basically, since I feel so great physically, he said there’s no way my tooth issues are because of mineral deficiencies. So, my concerns about phytic acid are probably unfounded, if that’s the case.

So what is the issue then? It’s seeming like they’re looking and feeling better the past week since I’ve been religiously brushing and oil pulling after every meal, and have cut my fruit sugar intake back considerably. But I’m still figuring that out.

Overall though, 1 month into my 3 month Entovegan workout challenge I’m feeling really good. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the gym and lifting a few times a week, my body seems to be responding well to that – well enough that I will start posting shirtless pictures again soon without being embarrassed haha.

The meal routine though – or rather, the routine of eating the same thing every meal – is getting old. I need to get Chef Melgarejo on the phone and pry some delicious insect recipes out of him, because whether “it’s just fuel” or not, I still want to enjoy what I’m eating!

I think the key will be creating more variation in my salads with different vegetables, flavors, and perhaps some sauces from Vibe Cafe (they’re now selling their vegan cashew cheese, beetroot hummus, and pesto at Natural Garden!).

I’m not craving anything unhealthy, and not craving meat, either. I just want some different tastes and textures. Gotta mix things up.